JavaScript Code

JavaScript Template Strings

Template Strings

Unlike normal strings, template strings are enclosed in back-ticks ``.

let message = `hello world`;

Single and Double Quotes

With template strings, we can use single and double quotes inside a string without escaping.

let message = `hello "world"`;
let message = `hello 'world'`;

Multiline Strings

With template strings we can define multiline stings without using a new line escape character \n inside the string.

let message = `hello world
welcome to new world
learn javascript here`;

Variables inside String

Template strings allow interpolation of variables or expressions inside a string.

The syntax to interpolate a variable inside a template string is


The following is an example to include a variable in a template string

let name = 'Arjun';
console.log(`Hello ${name}`);
let a = 4;
let b = 8;
console.log(`${a} + ${b} = ${a + b}`);