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JavaScript String repeat()

String repeat()

In JavaScript, String.repeat() method is used to repeat the string by a given number of times.




  • str is a string
  • repeat is function name
  • count is an integer

repeat() method repeats the string str by count number of times, and returns the resulting string. repeat() does not modify the original string str.


1. Repeat the string 4 times.

let str = 'apple';
let output = str.repeat(4);
console.log('Output : ' + output);

2. If n is 0, then repeat() returns an empty string.

let str = 'apple';
let output = str.repeat(0);
console.log('Output : ' + output);

3. If n is a negative value, then repeat() raises RangeError.

let str = 'apple';
let output = str.repeat(-3);
console.log('Output : ' + output);

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