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Find Elements by Tag Name

to find elements in the document that has a given tag name, use Document.getElementsByTagName() function


The syntax of getElementsByTagName() function is



  • document object is the root node of the HTML document
  • getElementsByTagName is the function name
  • tag_name is the node name (a for links, p for paragraphs, etc.,) which is used for searching the document

the function call returns a NodeList object which is like an array of elements, that match the given tag name


1. find elements whose tag name is p

in the following document, we have two paragraphs. when user clicks on Click Me button, we find the elements by tag name 'p' and change their background color to yellow

<!DOCTYPE html>
<h1>JavaScript Tutorial</h1>
<h2>Find Elements by Tag Name</h2>
<button id="myBtn">Click Me</button>
<p>This is a paragraph.</p>
<p>This is another paragraph.</p>

//set onclick listener for #myBtn
document.getElementById("myBtn").addEventListener("click", function() {
    //get all the elements whose tag is 'p'
    const paras = document.getElementsByTagName('p');
    for ( let i = 0; i < paras.length; ++i) {
        paras[i].style.background = 'yellow';


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